Dining Out

Last night I got to dress up like a princess, and had a blast.  Bryan’s Group at work hosted a Dining Out.  Of course, Bryan was helping organize so he went early to get stuff set up.  I stayed home to get ready, which Zoe thought was fun.  She also wanted to put on makeup.  I had bought a special dress for the occassion which I’m very excited about.  It was awesome and unique with a blingy top and fluffy ish bottom.  It was a few sizes to big when I bought it so I took it in on the sides and hemmed it up.  After driving myself to the Dining Out, which seemed very odd all dressed up, I walked in the door and got a “ooh, what a nice dress” from some of the other ladies.  yippee!  I really did feel great.  It’s very very very infrequent we get all dressed up, so it was so nice to spend the time to do it right.  Heck, I even bought special jewelry and shoes which I NEVER do.  Anyway, after I found Bryan and mingled for a bit the night was off and running.  There were formalities, a crazy grog bowl (well 2 – with and without), good food, a funny musical group, and prizes.  Bryan had to go to the grog with a few other guys because he forgot his pilot coin, so that was quite funny.  Then, there was a karaoke contest; I grouped up with the ladies from our table and we won!  So, we were privledged to guess the number of candies in a giant vase and I was closest…I won the big prize of the night – an onyx and diamond necklace.  Beautiful and something I will actually wear!  The rest of the night was just super fun to hang out with Bryan, dance, and not discuss the kids until the way home. Happy Valentines Day!

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