The New Sube!

Today our new car arrived!  Yep, we bought a new Subaru Outback…have been discussing it for a while, and visited the local dealer to test drive.  It’s just such an awesome car.  We have loved the one I bought for myself after college; it has really just been so dependable.  So, we’re hooked.  Looking around at other cars made up realize that the Outback just fits our needs so well – we can offroad with it, drive around kids and kid junk, fill it with camping gear, and it has amazing gas mileage.  In fact, it gets better mileage than alot of these hybrid SUVs – of course we won’t get a tax break for our purchase even though we are saving more of the envronment.  Anyway, it is AWESOME!  It’s been 11 years since I’ve had a new car.  It has the great all wheel drive, plus I can put it in manual and shift with paddle shifters if I want.  The new design has a lot more legroom in the back – though now I can’t reach Zoe as easily….but she LOVES the ‘table’ center armrest with cupholders between her and Avi.  It drives so smoothly and is quiet inside.  We got a lot of the extra features, too, like the backup camera, fancy rearview mirror, USB drive for music, winter package, moonroof, hitch, etc…  It is Caramel Bronze and gorgeous.  We bought it through the USAA car buying service that hooked us up with a dealer (in Atlanta) who offered an amazing price – the local dealer couldn’t match it at all.  PLUS they delivered it for free today.  Yep, drove it down four hours with a chase car and filled it up.  I signed the paperwork here on my kitchen table while Avi chewed on a biscuit and Zoe played out back.  It was great and simple.  Now to move all our junk from the other Outback and clean it for Bryan.  He’s excited to drive ‘ole reliable.

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