Base Day…again….

Yep, it’s already Tuesday again. I can’t believe how fast these last few weeks have gone.  We are super busy getting stuff planning and in order for some changes happening the rest of this year.  Should be crazy.  It’s nice to have one day a week when we do the same thing.  So, it was Storytime at the library, commissary, gas, and playground for some lunch.  The new commissary has sushi…holy crap!  and Zoe insists on selecting her own.  She can spot a california roll a mile away….and will occassionally have some of my salmon or tuna as long as it doesn’t have any ‘spicy green stuff’.  Last night was gymnastics.  She’s getting quite good at all the different skills and says she especially likes the bars.  Sometimes she is not in the mood to go, and other times she can’t wait to get there; especially because the older girl she admires most in the WHOLE WORLD (and pretends to be most of the day) is usually finishing up when we arrive.

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