Nana Visit

Sue came on Thursday, and flew straight into Valdosta which was so nice.  Fortunately Bryan was able to stay home in the morning an came with us to pick her up….then he was off to work.  It’s been a ‘night week’ for a while now.  We had a fun afternoon playing out back, going on a bike ride, and taking a nap.  In the evening Nana came with me and the kids up to the base for family night at the club.  Who can resist free food and kid chaos?  Yesterday Zoe had off school – it’s winter break – so she and Nana and Avi played all morning while I went out for a few hours.  I was finally able to use my gifts from Old Navy; it was so nice to meander and shop for myself AND try on in the dressing room without two kids.  awesome. 

Today we all drove to Tallahassee.  Zoe showed Nana around the Tallahassee Museum (aka the zoo).  It turned out to be a special Artisan day with music, crafts, and lots of other kids!  Especially fun was the fossil dig where Zoe and Bryan dug up some cool fossil shells and snails.  Real ones!  We then walked around the loop to see the animals.  There are now 2 bald eagles. It was then time for the big playground. We also checked out the reanactment farm, plantation, and other buildings.  Our next Tallahassee stop was the new natural foods store!  It’s amazing.  AND they offer a military discount.  very very cool.  Lastly we visited the big city park on the way out so we could eat our snacks, Zoe could play, and I could nurse Avi.  He mostly was distracted watching all the kids and trying to eat grass.

Avi has really enjoyed having Nana around.  He loves to snuggle with her, shows off his attempt at crawling, and squeals alot.  This morning he woke early.  I nursed him and then he played with Nana for a long while until the sun came up.  Sooooo nice for me and they got some one on one time.  Tonight Bryan and I went out on a date while Sue watched the kids.  Came home and Avi was asleep in his crib while Zoe got a bath!  Zoe has really enjoyed having Nana read her books and put her to bed every night, too.  Sue is sleeping in Avi’s room on the futon, which seems to be working out fine.  I just pop in when he wakes in the middle of the night to feed him and then he goes back to sleep.  We planned on putting the crib in our bedroom while she was here, but then it would’nt fit through the door.  oops.  It seems to be working out alright.  I just hope Sue is actually able to sleep.   It’s fun having her here.

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