Avi’s First Year – 6 months

Avi is so close to crawling!  He gets up on all fours and scoots back and forth, pushes backward, or launches his face forward.  So, he goes backward like a champ and can make his way forward via repetitive faceplants.  He also does so well sitting on his own now, picking up toys, throwing things around, and putting everything in his mouth.  He especially likes the noisy Duplo blocks.  He’ll dump them out of the loud container, play with the cool see through lid, and destroy creations like godzilla.  It’s hysterical, and he cracks himself up doing it.  Avi is such a happy little boy.  Almost always laughing or playing happily or munching on teething buscuits.  He is also quite interesting in dry grass, leaves, and pine needles which he attempts to eat.  Unfortunately he still wakes between 2-3am, but seems to quickly go back to sleep after a heavy nursing.  I think he is so busy and distracted most of the day now that he doesn’t nurse very well until bedtime and at night.  He is also eating 3 meals a day most days – I just made a new batch of Avi food so we should be good for a month, though his appetite is noticeably bigger by the week.  His drool is still constant and he’s quite the puker, too, so we’re always cleaning up after him.  Of course he just laughs about it!

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