Nana’ Visit

Well we had a wonderful time with Bryan’s mom this weekend.  She and Bryan got to spend some quality time together Sunday afternoon.  They drove down to the Okefenokee swamp and kayaked one of the ‘trails’; they saw 20 or so gators!  One picture was hugemongous!!  Monday Bryan had off so we enjoyed time together here at the house and then at the playground.  Sue came with Zoe, Avi, and I to Zoe’s gymnastics which was fun.  This morning her flight was delayed out of Valdosta which actually turned out nicely to give us all some extra time to visit and play.  Zoe enjoyed giving Nana and Daddy a ‘show’ out back on the swingset.  When we took her to the airport, though, the flight wasn’t as delayed as the Delta website show…she had to run through since they were boarding right then!  We said quick goodbyes and then stayed out by the fence (there is a sitting area) to watch the plane takeoff.  It was so nice to see Sue and I know Bryan really enjoyed getting some time with his mom.

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