Zoe and Arlo

Today Zoe decided that one of her stuffed dog’s is named Arlo.  While we were playing doctor, she brought in the new Arlo and helped him feel better.  She gave him a nice dog bed, doctored on him, and then he got a special strawberry treat when his appointment was over.  Then, while Bryan and I were talking she went and got two bowls from her kitchen set, filled one with play food and set them up on the floor where real Arlo’s food used to be.  New stuffed Arlo then got to eat dinner; it was adorable and almost made me cry.  She keeps saying that Arlo’s spirit is still with us.  Anyway, new Arlo then had a baby – her hairy doggy – and setup a dog bed out of couch cushions for new Arlo and a little basket for the hairy dog baby beside.  Zoe clarified that this was so mommy Arlo could get to baby hairy doggy in the middle of the night if baby woke and needed food.  She amazes me with the different combinations of play she comes up with.

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