Grassy Pond RVing

Last May I won a gift certificate for Grassy Pond rec area at a base outdoor recreation event.  Well, we finally used it!  Saturday afternoon we drove down to Grassy Pond (the mililtary rec area south of town) and checked into our RV.  Zoe loves these campers, and thinks it just so fun to see inside of them.  She was excstatic when we said we were staying overnight in one….of course, she wondered if it was grandpa joe and nan’s.  Anyway,  it was pretty fun.  We’re so used to tent camping that it was a unique respite to only pack clothes and toiletries.  The camper was really cool, too.  It had a separate room for Bryan and I, a big kitchen area with a pop out couch section, and a full size bed and bunk.  neato.  Zoe picked the bunk for herself and we situated Avi on the couch which folded down.  After a good hour of exploring the camper we got outside (we are CAMPING, right?) and hiked around the small pond, then played at the playground for a while.  Dinner was hotdogs of course.  We also had a nice campfire at the communal ring and met some other long term RVers…seems like quite a community.  Zoe and Avi enjoyed a nice bath in the tiny tub before bed; it was the perfect size to have them both sit up in.  I didn’t get a ton of sleep…couldn’t get really comfy and then Zoe woke for water and Avi was hard to get back to sleep after his 3am nursing.  Oh well, I slept in a bit in the morning while Bryan messed around with the kids.  On Sunday we had fun playing around in the camper, then the playgrounds again, and rented a paddleboat for the day.  We paddled a bit an saw a couple gators in the morning, and then went out again in the afternoon after checking out of the camper.  Avi and Zoe had a blast on the pond.  We found the only tiny shady spot to stop for our packed lunch and both kids fell asleep while returning to the dock.  It was a really fun family weekend….followed up with a nice long late afternoon nap and Chili’s for dinner.  =)

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