Jekyll Island

Me and the kids drove out to Jekyll island yesterday afternoon.  It was pretty fun, but tough with just the three of us.  Avi really wants held lately, so he would fuss if I set him down on the mat to play while I setup.  A group of USC students were camping out beside us and came over to help.  It was really nice.  A guy named Josh held Avi while I got up the tent and the bike trailer.  Avi thought he was super funny.  After setup we took a quick bike ride out to the beach near the pier.  The tide was out, so we had a snack and Zoe made a sand castle. As the sun was setting we headed back to camp where we started a fire…with help from the USC kids again….and made some soup and hotdogs and marshmallows for dinner.  Both the kids seemed to have fun hanging out by the fire.  Avi is crawling around all over now, so he’s a bit of work to keep up with.  Especiallly since he bonks his head into everything and then just keeps trying to ram it out of the way while crying at it.  Anyway, I nursed him and he fell asleep so I put him in the tent and got our dinner put away.  Zoe was tired so we got in the tent and read a Magic Tree House book, then fell asleep.  Slept really well!!  Avi woke twice, and was just chatty…I think he would’ve talked and whined himself back to sleep at home, but I schooched him over to me to nurse so he’d quietly and quickly go back to sleep.  Woke this morning and he and Zuzz were in much better moods.  They played on the mat and in the tent together while I packed up some stuff and got the bike ready.  I took them on a long bike ride around the north half of the island.  They do great together in the trailer.  Avi fell asleep and leaned on Zoe, and she kept chatting to him.  It was adorable and a great ride.  We stopped halfway at the beach where Avi played in the sand and Zoe ran in the cold cold surf.  She was sad to pack up. The drive home was fine until Avi woke up; we cried on and off for the last 45 minutes.  Now the house is just a mess with all our camping junk.

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