Tonight we went out to see the movie Tangled; I thought Zoe would enjoy a new princess and it is playing at the $2 theater.  However, she did not like it…enough that we left 40 minutes into the show!!! At first I thought she was afraid of the guy getting rapunzel out of the tower, but then she said it was the mom. She asked once to leave and I convinced her to stay another couple minutes, but then when rapunzel left the tower she wigged out and started leaving.  I gathered up our stuff and Avi (who had conveniently fallen asleep) and we went out.  In the hall I asked her to tell me what was going on.  Well, it seems that Zoe was troubled that Rapunzel wasn’t listening to her mommy.  There is a whole song with the mom (a disguised witch and not her real mom) telling Rapunzel how dangerous it is out of the tower and that she should never leave it.  Zoe was disturbed and thought Rapunzel would run into all that danger.  I started to explain that it was a fake mommy who kidnapped Rapunzel as a baby, but then Zoe said, “but she said I love you” and I realized there was a lot of “I love you” exchanged between the witch mom and Rapunzel…in an manipulative way from the mom, but genuine from Rapunzel…and Zoe just can’t understand the manipulation.  Anyway, I decided to not explain any further.  I backed her up with believing Rapunzel was doing the wrong thing and that she should love her mommy, so we left since that was a scary thought with all the fearful things the mom said existed outside. I realized that Zoe doesn’t need to understand why anyone would use the LOVE word and not mean it….she is so innocent and amazing I can’t expose her to that much Real Life yet. 

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