Avi’s First Year – 7 months

Yes he is crawling in earnest now.  So much so that I had to rearrange the toys on our bookshelf.  Moved the bins of randomness up a bit and placed his individual toys on the bottom so he can pull them out.  His favorite thing is still, by far, the duplo blocks.  They just make such a wonderful loud sound.  He likes to crawl over to new things of interest and then test them out in his mouth, so we are being extra vigilant with all Zoe’s small piece toys.  They are now limited to the farm table.  I made Avi a little stand up toy too.  A milk crate turned over with his wire bead maze lashed on top works wonders!  He has been having a fun time pulling up onto it and he stands for a little bit in a very wobbly way.  When he crawls he tends to do a few standard knee-crawl steps, then a few on his feet and hands, and then lurch his face toward the object of desire to land on his belly in front of it.  Sometimes he doesn’t seem to even know why he’s crawling and will crawl into the side of the couch and then just rock back and forth banging his head into it like it’s going to move.  Eventually he’ll start whining at it and then I’ll turn him around.  He has started to do that in the crib, too, when he wakes.  So he’ll be half asleep, but banging his head into the front of the crib. I’m trying to let him ‘fuss it out’ a bit in the middle of the night and get himself back to sleep, but it doesn’t seem to be affective if he’s gotten up on all fours.  Sometimes it works, though.  Recently he’s woken 2-3 times at night.  GAGGGG.  I’ll only nurse him once, and the other times just put the pacifier back in and let him work it out himself….unless of course I can tell he’s in their head banging.  It’s more like head butting – not hard enough to hurt himself, but certainly uncomfortable and silly.  He still is just such a happy guy almost all day!!

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