Kids are growing up

So, Avi is now pulling himself up to stand on everything!  He has taken a few mini steps along the edge of the couch, but otherwise loves to just stand and laugh at himself.  In the morning when I check on him, he’s just standing there staring at the window happily.  He has woken twice a night all week; not sure why.  He is super distracted while nursing during the day so he may feel he’s missing out or instinctually wants to keep my milk demand up.

Zoe went tonight out tonight on her first evening with friends.  Some other kids from our church (with their mom) were heading to the dollar theater to see Yogi Bear and invited Zuzz to come along.  She was so excited to go, and then was a bit apprehensive because I wasn’t going with her.  After they showed up to pick her up, though, she didn’t care about me for one iota….and off they went.  She had a great time and was thrilled about the amount of popcorn she ate.  I’m told she also behaved very well; which made me proud.

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