Wild Adventures

Sunday was a busy day!  We went to church, attended a birthday party, and then went to Wild Adventures with some friends.  This was the opening weekend.  It’s great to use our season passes, because then we can go for just a couple hours and not feel the need to do it all.  Zoe had fun on the kiddo rides and Avi got to go on his first rides!!  I took him on the train, the flying bees, the spinning dragons, ferris wheel, and the carousel.  He seemed to like the up and down of the bees and carousel the best.  It was adorable.  He also liked visited the goats at the petting zoo.  It was pretty hot, so Zoe spent a while running in the splash fountain while I nursed him.  She was soaked, but I’m sure she felt great, especially once she got to bounce around on the frog hopper.  That one still gets her to just squeal.

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