Destination: Germany

8:05AM: We are sitting in the PAX terminal at Charleston AFB for our first attempt to Space A over the pond and visit Bethany.  Drove up yesterday, stayed overnight at Motel 6 and came in this morning to check in.  We were the first folks here.  Currently, the Ramstein flight will roll call at 1040 and, sadly, is showing 0 passengers.  BUT, I’m remaining positive.  Things change in this game all the time!!  Now we’re settled in watching TV and eating snacks.

3:00 PM: Update: Bored….first flight left with no Passengers and the next one’s roll call is 5:45 also showing none.  boo.  We’ll wait it out, though.  I’m still hopeful.   There’s another tomorrow, though!  Some folks are going to try for Dover and hope to get over from there, but the Dover – Germany flight also shows no pax.  hmmm – I”ll take my chances here again tomorrow and then reevaluate.  Avi is sleeping in the crib room and Zoe s having fun in the playroom with another girl; I need to get some fresh air here soon.

6:41 pm: …. well….. uh….still here.  Our new goal is going to Dover.  There is a flight roll calling in another 2.5 hours to Dover.  Hopefully, it will take passengers.  I guess the Ramstein flight from here tomorrow is “likely” not going to take anyone either, and that’s the last one heading to Europe for the foreseeable (2 days) future.  So, we’ll try from Dover as they tend to have a lot more heading over the pond.  Kids are doing so good; in the playroom.  Avi slept for 3 hours in the crib room!  We left for a couple hours to get food at taco bell and take a nap in the car.  Wish it was nice out and we could’ve gone to a playground or something nice; it’s cold and rainy instead.

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  1. Do you think they're not taking passengers just because of raised security levels right now???

    I'm still hopeful you'll make it soon!!

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