Destination: Germany Day 2

We are in Dover, now.  The flight last night from Charleston to Dover took everyone interested.  We left at 2330 and landed just about an hour later.  The kids did great and passed out sleeping during the engine run up.  After we leveled off I laid down with Avi on my belly for a bit, too. When we got here to Dover we actually made it in time for the Spangdahlem roll call, but it took no one as advertised.  So, it was off the TLF where I had made a reservation earlier.  Unfortunatley it’s just over a mile away.  I was told no cabs would come this late, and if they did it would cost a ridiculous amount.  So, we walked.  I bundled the kids and packed Avi into his carrier.  Zoe rode in the stroller while I carried the backpack of our junk.  Though it was freezing I actually got hot!  Nothing like a hike at 1am!  Oh, well we were soon snuggled into our warm TLF.  They are super nice here and seem brand new. 

We all fell asleep instantly and slept in until about 9; I had the alarm set for 10am, but Avi would have none of that.  All was well, the extra time allowed me to wash our travel outfits and we all took a nice shower. I decided to call a cab this morning since it’s chilly and they were going to charge $16 to go 1 mile!! No way.  That is against my religion.  We walked again.  This time I hooked up the backpack on the buggy board, Zoe rode again, and Avi took a nap in the carrier.  It seemed closer this time and it wasn’t too cold out, just blustery.  The chill is just a bit too much for us to play outside thought there is a nice playground.  Maybe it will warm up here in an hour or so. Otherwise, there is a nice playroom and nursery here and a super fancy USO.  It’s odd, though, that you can’t bring your luggage in the USO, but you can’t leave your luggage alone.  Also odd, you can get food at the USO but aren’t supposed to bring it into the kid room.  Also, can’t leave the kiddo’s in the kid room alone to pop in the USO.  Sorta sticks you, huh.  Needless to say we’ll  just have to bend a few rules…like the other parents who aren’t even here in the kid room monitoring their kids per the rules.   We’ll be here all day, so I’m sure the folks will get to know us. Trying for for a flight this evening to Ramstein that roll calls at 9pm and flys out around 11pm.  Right now they are taking 19 people tentatively, but it’s a C-5 so it can take a lot more as long as the cargo isn’t too heavy…though I seriously can’t imagine our 200 lbs would make that much of a difference on that big airplane.  Zoe’s and Avi are having fun playing here in the kid room; only 7 hours to wait.  he he.  This is quite the adventure.

4:15 PM UPDATE – Just woke from a 2 hour nap!  Avi nursed to sleep in the crib room, so I plopped him in a crib.  Then Zoe and I had some cuddle time on the glider and she fell asleep.  So I plopped her in a crib.  They have lots of nice crocheted blankets here.  Anyway, then I curled up on the glider and slept for a while, too.  awesome.  Flight is still a go!

9:27 PM – UPDATE – We are staying here another night.  The flight slipped til tomorrow.  Counter guy mentioned something about crew rest to another traveller.  So, we walked back a mile in the chilly air, up over the overpass, to the TLF.  Booked for tomorrow, too, just in case.  Maybe it will reverse-jinx us and we’ll catch a flight.  There are 2 options tomorrow.  One in the afternoon to Spang and the same flight as today that is in the evening again.  Hoping for Spang!!  Zoe and Avi are doing awesome.  We skirted the rules at the terminal and left the stroller with the backpack just outside the door of the USO and hung out there for  while when the kids awoke.  The passenger rep said it wasn’t a big deal and he’d watch it.  Zoe was tired of playing with the irritating girl, so we played some candy land and had popcorn and chilled on the couches.  Avi had fun crawling aroun and pulling up on all the chairs.  After that we tried a bit of playground time outside, but it was just too cold with the wind.  Zoe lasted 10 minutes.  When we came in got something warm at the USO and then plopped in the waiting area – spreading out all our junk just in time to hear that the flight was a no go.  Huhh – sigh –   We stopped at the shoppette on our way back to lodging and grabbed some low quality TV dinners, overprices Chips Ahoy, and a burrito.  I was bumming to Zoe about wasting a day and she was all happy about it.  She said, ” yeah mommy, but we got a mint!!” Which is true.  Zoe loves going to miltary hotels because there is always a good mint – you know, the soft kind – on the pillows.  Well last night when we checked in at 2 am there were no mints and she was sad.  This evening, there were 2 mints!  yippee!!! It’s the silver cloud that made the whole day worthwhile.  2 mints.  It just makes me smile that she finds such joy in small things.  Made my day, too.  2 mints (and that nap in the glider) made me happy today.

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