Destination: Germany Day 3

Still in Dover.  We had a nice evening at the TLF last night, and then this morning took the shuttle!  back to the terminal.  I guess they started a new serivice today.  Of course it only runs certain hours during the week, but at least we avoided the dreaded walk over the overpass a fourth time.  When we got here I found out the 1455 flight to Spangdahlem was moved back a couple hours.  So, we settled in for a bit.  The kids played, we skyped with Bethany, got some snacks, and then they announced it was moved until tomorrow.  So, NOW our options are late tonight…three flights overnight to Germany the first one roll calling at 2125.  Then there are supposedly 4 tomorrow.  Lots of missions, but also lots of cargo which is (obviously) more important.  Hopefully we’ll get going soon. Avi is sleeping in the crib room and Zoe is playing with the other kids.  There are now LOTS of other kiddo’s and families – half trying for Germany with us and half trying for the west coast.  It’s kind of chaos.

21:35 – update!  they called our name!  we will be boarding the flight to ramstein here in an hour or so.  Bethany here we come!!!

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