another day, another pretzel

Of course Bethany is at work today so I loaded Avi and Zoe up in the stroller for a nice morning walk.  Our goal was to find the thrift store and then stop into a bakery on the way home to pick up breakfast.  Well….. we finally rolled back home at lunch.  We wandered around for hours looking for a big “Caritas” sign when we should’ve been searching for “Kaufhaus”.  They no longer had the cheapo high chair Bethany saw the other day, but I did get Avi a warming cover for the stroller since it’s been chilly in the mornings. It afforded us a nice tour of the other side of Neuss and we found some huge playgrounds.  I was, however, starving when we finally walked downtown to a bakery on the way home. Today is a two pretzel lunch day.  Zoe, of course, wanted some huge strawberry monstrosity; I talked her into a simple donut.  This afternoon will find us here in the apartment doing laundry and taking a nap; perhaps an evening trip to the big “walmart”-ish store.

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