Today we took the bus over to the Kinderbauernhof – the kids’ farm.  I remember going there when Zoe and I visited Bethany 2 years ago.  The little baby lambs were out, and when I asked her later that’s what Zoe said was her favorite.  We spent a long time on the playground where Zoe practiced some German – mostly bitte and danke.  When the rain started in earnest we went inside to make an egg cover craft for Easter.  So now we have a little chicken head that Zoe and I made together to place over our boiled egg to keep it warm on it’s egg stand.  Avi seemed to enjoy himself enough watching the other kids from the stroller and falling asleep on the bus. After our nap this afternoon we walked over to the park to feed the nutria and the ducks and then hit up the Pizza Turmchen, or the pizza tower.  It is seriously this mini turret at the edge of the park that sells pizza out of a window.  yum.

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