OBI & Biking

Today me and the kids wandered down the road to the OBI – it’s the German Home Depot.  Got some needed bolts for Zoe’s bike trainers and a bunch of nice flower plants for Bethany’s balcony plants.  It’s not super far away, but I got a bus ticket anyway.  The bus wasn’t coming for another bit, so we just walked.  Zoe complained the whole way, but still walked the whole trek on her own with the promise of food.  I knew that this store, being German, would have a bakery inside and sure enough it did.  We explored the whole store marvelling at all the miniscule staircases, on-demand water tanks, and solar powered windows.  So cool.  We also selected some nice hanging geraniums, pansies, and a few primrose – all in red or pink – for the balcony.  Since I had Avi in the carrier and the plants in a shopping hand-cart I elected to wait for the bus return trip.  Zoe felt very independent riding in the center bendy ‘spring’ all by herself.  I stood in the stroller area which is a seat away; she kept yelling everytime the bus stopped, “is this our stop mommy?”  and I’d say, “not yet”.  Very NOT German of us to be so loud and obnoxious.  oh well, she had fun!  and when it was our stop she was so stoked to push the button that opens our door.  Back at the apartment we planted the flowers and cleaned the balcony.  Avi tried eating some dirt and Zoe enjoyed hammering leftover leaves and such into Fairy Paint.

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