Beautiful Day!

Today was gorgeous!!  Sunny. Warm.  We started off with a bike ride.  Didn’t get very far, but Zoe is trying hard to get the hang of the German rules and the ‘how to’s’ of a two wheeler on cobblestones.  She fell a bunch, but got right up and wanted to keep going to the playground.  We opted for a closer playground than we originally aimed for, but that was alright.  It was just so nice outside that we kind of lost track of time and didn’t get back until around 1 for a late lunch.  Avi hung on tight on my bike, though I know now that it will be better to walk with him in the carrier if I’m helping Zoe on her bike.  His little helmet came in handy, but it keeps riding down over his eyes.  After lunch and an Avi nap we headed out into the afternoon sun.  Seemed like the whole of Neuss was out and about.  The marktplatz was full of vendors, the street cafes were full of eaters, and all the sidewalks were bustling.  We wandered around the market; stopped at a bakery to eat, nurse Avi, and people watch; and then got some grocery shopping done. So pretty outside.  

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