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The big adventure today was biking out to an indoor playground called Logo Lino.  It was a nice morning so we did laundry – hung out on the balcony – and colored and played outside.  In the afternoon I carried Avi in the kid carrier and got Zoe on the kid seat on my bike and we were off!  Only got off track a couple times, but that worked out great since we found a different second hand kid store.  The Logo Lino was awesome.  We spent 3 hours there.  Zoe loved the bouncy play things; especially the giant alligator that eats you.  She also ran around a lot with one other group of kids in the big jungle gym and on the giant bouncy puff.  She seemed to have a great time with the kids even though they didn’t understand each other.  Eventually, though, they left and she couldn’t seem to make the same magic with any of the other children.  Of course her ‘gang’ was the only Korean folks in the place…the German kids don’t seem to have the patience or care to extend playtime with kids they don’t know.  Avi had fun in the tiny tots area, too.  He really liked crawling around on the mats, pulling himself up on the soft toys, and rolling and chasing the balls from the ball pit.  He screamed his head off when he went in the ball pit, and cried if he saw Zoe in it.  odd.  Bethany met us at the Logo lino after school and we all biked together to her friends house for dinner.  It was girls night out!  They were all super nice and enjoyed having the kids over. Avi got fussy around bedtime, so we biked home early while the sky was still a bit light.

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