New Stroller

Our Merebe Korean stroller has served us well.  The back wheel, however, got pretty busted so I took it apart and the ‘axle’ is bent!  The guys on the airplane or all the cobblestone must’ve done a number on it.  I can’t bend it back.  I think I can replace it with a nut and bolt, but the wheel itself is also broken and cracked apart which I’ll fix with superglue.  Guess it’s a trip to the OBI!   In the meantime, and because I’m not convinced it will be safe after I fix it, I got a new (to me) stroller at a German second-hand store.  It is super super super nice!!!  Not only do the wheels actually rotate when needed, but the locking mechanism works too….amid a whole ton of other perks.  Doesn’t seem used at all save for a bit of a stain. Diminishes my motivation to fix the other one.  I guess that was Zoe’s….maybe Avi deserves his own stroller.

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