Zoe Bike Day!

This morning Zoe went on a long bike ride with me following in the stroller.  She did amazing following the bike rules, dinging when she wanted to go around someone (usually me), pulling over for others, and crossing the street.  In fact, she was having so much fun we decided to collect flowers to press and just kept biking until we made it to the ‘far away’ big playground.  We played for a while.  Avi was asleep in the stroller almost the whole time, so it was nice to get just some mommy – Zoe time. The return trip went quicker since she knew the way.  She got going quite fast a few times I had to run to keep up…especially down under the bridge and back up the other side. We ended up out for 3 hours!  After some lunch – since we were starving – we took the tram over to the big grocery store at the mall and back.

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