Biking to school

Today I loaded up the kids and we biked over to Bethany’s school just in time for lunch.  We had spaghetti and a souvlaki-type dish with german-y yogurt and salad.  Pretty good.  Zoe was then invited to join the Kindergarten class for their egg hunt after nap and library time.  So, she stayed in the library with Aunt Bethany to color and read books while I took the hour break to bike over to OBI with Avi – we needed to exchange a part for the stroller I”m attempting to fix.  It was quite the bike ride…back past Bethany’s apartment and returned – 7km roundtrip at full speed was tiring with Avi in the kid seat.  He and I returned just in time to see Zoe and the other’s run amok in the playground looking for candy.  It was fun – they had all brought in their interpretation of a basket.  So there were bread baskets, cups with handles, felt bags, and cans….not a giant American-style Easter basket in sight.  Zoe had a makeshift one from a decorative tin and piece of string Bethany had in the library and fit right in.  This afternoon we’re finalizing things and packing for our big trip!

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