Avi’s First Year – 8 months

So, lately Avi has been doing some amazing things!  He babbles alot, but still likes the screeching Taz sounds.  When he wants me he will babble/whine “mamamamama” which is adorable.  He also likes saying “babba ba ba”  which may refer to Bethany….not sure.  He really likes to pull up on all kinds of things and walk along the edge – a true cruiser.  In fact, he doesn’t really crawl much anymore for fun – more just to get to something to stand along.  When he crawls he has never really done the full knee-crawl very much…he much prefers being on his hands an feet with his bum in the air.  The big new skill is clapping.  He loves to clap his hands while Bethany sings songs or just for fun when he laughs at Zoe.  She is still the biggest entertainment for him and he loves to watch her.  He especially loves to laugh at her when she’s crying….so unfortunately, while Zoe is pitching a fit about putting on shoes Avi will laugh at her.  Doesn’t really help the situation, but it lightens the mood to watch him squeal at her.

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