One of the nicest things about being away on super long trips is returning home.  I drove home from Charleston in record time today….left the IHOP near the base at noon and pulled into the garage at 5:05!  That included a stop for gas and another to nurse Mr. Avi.   I suppose I drive a bit fast.  In a safe way. 

The house was so tidy and great!  Thanks to our friends from church for keeping an eye on things!  I am amazed that our garden is also flourishing.  We spent the evening out back.  Avi crawled around and pushed his giant truck while Zoe messed around on her playground.  I weeded the grass ut of the garden, and am shocked at how amazing the plants are doing.  We have tomatos that need to redden, we picked green beans and some last sweet peas, the cabbage looks like…cabbage, there are berries ripening on the blueberry bush, and the eggplant has blossoms.  It’s incredible.  I kind of thought it would all die while we were gone. It looks great after clearing out some of the grass.

Now we’ll just try to get our systems into the proper time zone again.  It was all we could do to stay awake until dusk….Zoe wandered into bed on her own and Avi fell asleep nursing.

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