The Crushed Mailbox

Mothers Day morning I awoke to find the mailbox smashed.  Bummer.  I assumed it was some crazy teens that bashed it with a bat – I’ve seen others in the neighborhood that had the same fate.  There was a party down the road Saturday (not rowdy, though, just lots of cars) and I figured some kids pushed it up too much.

Today I got a new one at Walmart, used the saws in the garage, and made a better mounting for it.  Zoe liked helping and Avi pounded on the metal box until I put it up.

This afternoon a very honest older man stopped by and said it was him!  I guess he was parked across the street for the party and backed into it.  The scratch on his new truck proved it.  He just wanted to stop by and fess up, and help if he could.  He saw that I already fixed the thing offered to pay for it. I told him the thing was only $15….so he gave me a $20.  He was quite nice and obviously embarassed.  I told him it was OK, and I was VERY glad he stopped by. It relieved my concern that some teens did it, and were maybe targeting me.  I feel bad that I jumped to such a dramatically negative assumption.  Relief.

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