The Big Day Out

TOday I dragged the kids all over Valdosta attempting to tire them out.  Success!

We started at a squadron playgroup in the park where Zoe ran around and played, and Avi crawled around in the dirt and got completely filthy.  From there we moved on to Wild Adventures.  Yippee!  It’s open for the summer. Avi was fairly content in his stroller most of the time and was excited to ride a few rides…especially like the safari train.  He squawked the whole way along with the loud train engine noises.  He seems to love being loud when there is already lots of loudness.  Zoe rode the kid rides and is excited for Grandpa Joe to visit so she will again have an adult to ride the bigger rides with.  She misses the Shoe Coaster so much; its rough walking by it right at the entrance.  I think next time I’ll try to invite someone along who can just watch Avi in the stroller for one loop on the ‘ole Shoe.

They were pooped out after 3 hours in the hot baking sun.  Incidently, the car thermometer said it was 96 degrees today.  Lots of sweat.  We drove home and they fell asleep in the car.  I knew Avi would wake if I moved him.  He doesn’t yet sleep like a Zoe-log.  So I left the car running with the air on while I grabbed some dry clothes and repacked the diaper bag essentials.  Then I drove up to the base.  The kids awoke to find themselves at the library.  Unfortunately,  Zoe was in a funky mood so we lounged in the car AC for a bit longer before going in and getting some new books.  There are very FEW of the magic tree house books that we haven’t read.  I don’t know what we’ll read after this…nothing can top Jack and Annie’s travels to far off times and places.

Our final fun fest for the day was family night at the O’club.  Its’ free for club members so I almost always go.  There is food and some kind of entertainment – tonight was a puppet show.  Funny, a bit odd, but the kids loved it.  Zoe was entertained the entire 1/2 hour and even danced along to the songs at the end.  Avi was enthralled.  He just stared at it the whole time.  His only reaction was to cry briefly when a puppet dog chased away a few puppet birds.  I guess he liked the birds.

We finally rolled home around 7:30 and used the (finally) cooler temps to mess around in the backyard.  I emptied Zoe’s pool by watering our plants while Avi crawled around happily creating mud. Zoe relocated toads.

They both crashed out quickly tonight!  If only I had the energy for such a day every day I’d always have easy bedtimes.

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