Avi’s First Year – 9 months

My little boy has been doing amazing lately eating soft pickup food.  I cook carrots or potatos until they are very squishy and then cut them up for him!  He has also tried mango (which he didn’t like), rice, and banana by hand.  His favorite is still by far bread….he even just gets excited when he sees me getting some out for Zoe or myself.  I just rip of a big chunk and he nibbles and sucks it gone.  He can’t eat soft sandwhich bread, yet, just hard or firm crusty rolls.  I usually buy a big whole wheat baguette for him for the week.  There are also these puffed-up little finger foods to buy that I found – he likes the ‘greens’ flavored ones and ‘berrys and yogurt’.  Avi can down 20-30 of them at a time, however, so they aren’t very filling. I tried one and they basically just dissolve, but taste good!  Not sure I’ll get those very often. 

Avi’s walking skills are also getting pretty good.  He can now push his little gator-walker all around the house on the wood and tile without it slipping out.  When it bangs into the door or stops against the couch, however, he goes ‘taz’ on me…squeals at the thing in a crazy tazmanian devil rage shaking it up and down to get moving again. As soon as I turn it for him, it’s back to happy baby! 

Lastly, he loves being outside.  Anytime the back door opens he makes a break for it crawling as fast as possible toward the opening. He’ll then crawl out and head straight for the dirt.  We have a bunch of dirt in one spot along the edge of the patio where Zoe has dug and a mole or something has pushed it up.  This is Avi’s go-to dirt spot.  He will sit there and just play and dig and toss it around.  Dirt is the most fun ever.

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