Wild Adventures

After church today we went to IHOP for lunch and then off to Wild Adventures.  There was a chilly breeze in the air, but I had promised Zoe we’d go since the water park opened.  I think we were in our swimsuits a total of 25 minutes.  We changed into them and then I plopped both kids into a lifevest since I can’t handle them both in the water and we braved the cold lazy river before heading over to the big splash area with the giant bucket. It was too cold for me to mess with so I told Zoe she could go play, but only on the lower red slides.  These were the ones that are short and I could see…and that she’s done many times before.  She had fun with the freedom (and the lifevest).  Avi had fun walking around on the edge of the splash area – it has a ‘beach’ entry.  It wasn’t too long before Zoe came over with blue lips and chattered that she was cold.  I got her bundled in a towel and asked if she wanted to go back in.  A resounding NO and we were off to the changing rooms.  With warm dry clothes on the cool breeze felt great and we enjoyed another hour of rides.  Zoe did many of the kiddo rides herself.  Avi and I joined her on the Rainbow Coaster…then she did it 4 more times alone while I nursed.  Once he was asleep we leisurely walked through the animal area and then she played at the playground before we left. She was so good today, amiable, helpful, and (amazingly) agreeable.  It made for a lovely relaxing time.

After Avi got to sleep this evening Zoe and I enjoyed our new evening together time: some “Shaun the Sheep” on Netflix.  We haven’t watched TV during the day since we’ve been back from Germany as Avi is now aware of it and not permitted to watch.  He must be sleeping for Zoe to get a show….and her favorite Dinosaur Train hasn’t had new episodes lately.  Shaun the Sheep doesn’t have dialog so we can watch it near-silently while Avi sleeps.  It’s fairly hysterical.

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