Last Day of School

this morning we woke up late and then Zoe was in a grumpy mood and wanted to skip school.  She didn’t even want to do lunch bunch!!! It blew my mind.  She loves staying after school Wednesdays for packed lunch and extra playtime. This is the first we’ve missed since the beginning of the year! Well, we barely made it out the door save for some coersion.  ” You can take the pear with you” and “there is a special surprise today, but I can’t tell you”.  I was positive the teachers had something special planned.

And so it was that I dropped off my grump.  Three hours later I returned to pickup a super-happy, all smiles, kiddo with lots of ‘stuff’.  They had a little party today and extra play.  They finished special crafts and had fun.  She was so glad she went.  Her backpack was full, too; it had her emergency clothes, her placemat we made at the beginning of the year, an extra sweatshirt we misplaced, and a few final worksheets.  Zoe was also toting a cute little “ZOE” bag with her handprints as a cloud…it was full of summer play things…a bucket, a bug catcher, bubbles, etc. There were also two very special gifts from her teachers – a little album that had pics of Zoe and her class at special events throughout the year and a shirt that had all her classmates’ handprints on it. 

I’m so proud of Zoe!  Tomorrow night is a graduation ceremony and then a pool party Friday!!!  Her preschool is so great.

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