Preschool Ceremonies

This evening I got to witness some fun preschool talent.  Zoe’s school had an end of the year ceremony for the 2 and 3 year olds and graduation for the 4 year old class.  It was packed!!  I’m glad my friend got there early and snagged a seat up front; I squashed in with her and her husband near the kids.  Each class got the chance to do a bit of a song and Zoe’s class was a hit.  They sang about each letter – making it’s sound and then acting out something that started with the letter.  It was a hoot.  Of course, Zoe and a couple of the other guys were sing-yelling and she decided a few times to improvise the choreography to include dramatic falling on the stage.  They then called each kid by name and handed out certificates of completing a year at the preschool.

The 4 year olds were the stars and wore graduation caps and gowns.  They even played that graduation song – whatever it’s really called – as they each were called across the stage. I almost teared up thinking of Zoe doing this next year.  How sappy am I? 

After the ceremony we stayed for a bit and got pictures with her teachers and then it was off to her special dinner! Where did she select?  drumroll please…….Red Lobster.  Apparently Red Lobster has become the IT place for special dinners after her Daddy – Daughter dance date.  Like an insane person I took a 3 year old and a 9 month old to Red Lobster by myself at 7:30pm, and it turned out fine.  I had pre-packed some Avi food and finger snacks (which were gone – eaten during his stint in the nursery during Zoe’s ceremony).  Zoe had amazingly good behavior and even held a great conversation with me about school; what she liked and didn’t.  Her favorite event, by the way, was the fall festival.  The bouncy castle and doing a cake walk with daddy were standout memories.  Avi did pretty well too.  he devoured his food, finished a bottle of milk I pumped for the nursery ladies, then ate one of those biscuits they give you and some mashed potatoes. He loved the cheesy, salty, garlicky biscuit and did not enjoy the bland mashed tators.  Zoe had the kids menu grilled fish and ate every bite.  We used her coupon from the dentist, too!   What a great evening.  I’m shocked Avi was able to make it until 9:30 when we left – his bedtime is 8.  Thank goodness he fell asleep in the car on the way back and easily snugged into the crib.

Now, it’s books with my girl and SLEEP!! =)

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