End of School Party

Dropped Avi off at his last day of Mothers Morning Out for the year.  His ‘ladies’ were sad it was the last day and worried that next year he’d be walking and talking and not their little Avi anymore.  They’ve gotten quite attached to our happy little guy.  Maybe its just as well, though, since he’s just started to be a bit mommy-clingy and will sometimes cry when I let him go.

Anyway, while Avi was having fun at his school Zoe and I booked it up North Valdosta to a splash park in the Stone Creek neighborhood.  It was the end of year Splash party!!!  The day was perfect for it…warm and then HOT.  Zoe had so much fun playing with all her friends from class, and also the other 3 year and 4 year old classes.  She jumped right in the water when we arrived and only came out twice for snacks in the three hours we were there.  It was fun for me to watch her interact with the other kids.  She is definitely one of guys – plays hard, runs amuk, and fights back when someone takes her beach ball!  Her class was 9 boys and 3 girls.  The school had ordered chick fil a nuggets for lunch/snack and that got her out of the pool.  I had fun chatting with the other moms – each I spoke with is sending their kid back again next year for 4 year preschool, which is great.  Here in Georgia there is free 4 year old Pre-K with the public school district, but there are just too many attendance rules and it’s ALL day!  So there is no way Zoe (or I) are ready for that.  Plus, she likes FUMC.

As we left the splash park she was yelling, “mommy I had such a blast off!!!”  I’m glad.

Avi was happy to see me when we returned for him.  I guess another mom came to pick up her baby and sat to nurse for a few minutes and Avi went nuts.  They were convinced he thought it was me.  The mom had brown hair in a ponytail and was, “shaped like you” so he was super mad that ‘mommy’ would dare nurse another kid.  They had to take him out in the hallway – which is where he was calmed down when I got there.  Too funny little buddy.  When he saw me its like the light went on.  He nearly jumped out of Monica’s arms.

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