Avi can Stand!

Avi has stood a couple times previously on accident…you know been holding something, let go, and then plopped when he figured it out.  But, today, TWICE, he stood on purpose.  He was standing holding onto me and then I fave him a little snack to hold and he let go!  He watched me and squealed, then plopped down.  It’s obvious he knew what he was doing and was so proud.  So I tried it again and this time instead of plopping down he reached out for my hand and just smiled.  I know he wants to take that step!

This little boy also LOVEs the play kitchen.  He digs out all the cool utensils – especially the whisk!  Then he’ll stand there and hit the little counter and open and close the play washer.  He also really likes to dump out all the food bins.  It’s adorable.

Tonight we went to a special dinner at the chapel on base for family of deployed folks.  It was great!  The food was great, we met some other friends from the squadron, they had face painting, free kid / parent military stuff, and a bouncy castle.  It’s so nice to participate in events like this…truly makes me feel “supported” as cheesy as that sounds.  The event was well attended which was also really nice because I ran into other families I know from outside of Bryan’s squadron that I didn’t realize had a deployed spouse.    It’s great to get that ‘we’re in this together’ feeling….and some brownies!

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