Busy Bugs

We’ve had a busy couple days.  Had fun at playgroup thursday and then went to wild adventures.  Zoe has gotten great at being a bit independent.  She will stay in the splash area and stick to the two red slides while I play with Avi in the baby zone….I can see her over there, but she is still very on her own.  It’s so great to give her some freedom.  Of course, the life vest gives me some comfort too. Anyway,  yesterday we visited the base pool  for their season opener party.  It was packed, but fun.  Can’t miss a reason to get to a pool.  It’s so hot here lately.  I don’t think it’s rained now for over two weeks…ugh…the grass is pretty crispy.

Today we got out of the house early before it was too hot, and picked some Georgia peaches.  yum!   It was fun.  The trees were all low, which surprised me alot. Zoe loved that she could pick her own.  We got a variety…some ripe enough to eat now and other that will ripen over the next week.  A bushel for $12.  great!  I kept Avi in the snugli carrier and pushed the stroller with the bucket in it around the orchard.  It bumped along quite nicely and did a number on a few ant piles.

Speaking of ant piles, it seems that Avi is the king of finding them.  He has gotten into a couple since we’ve been home.  They’ll be all on his feet and he’ll just try to grab them and not cry. It’s crazy bcause I know how much they hurt.  Poor guy will crawl in the backyard and get bit by so many things…but still he loves to be out which is great!   Lately there have been gnats and mosquitos out the wazoo.  Avi sometimes looks like a kid from a child welfare commercial – covered in filth since he loves to dig in the dirt and allowing the gnats to crawl on his face.  I guess he still doesn’t have that, “get off me!” instinct.  I swat them for him…but he seems to have new bites daily.  I’m excited to get up north where there are fewer bugs.

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