The Sunflower

Lately, Jaylee, the girl who lives next door has been coming over to play alot.  It’s great having a playmate for Zoe without having to resort to playdates and driving all over creation for playgroups.  Sometimes Zoe goes over there too.  It’s awesome.  She says, ” can I go to Jaylee’s?” I say yes and she’s out the door.  All by her big-girl self she walks over and then comes back when she’s done or they kick her out….sometimes I have to go get her.

Anyway,  yesterday they were here and playing outside.  Jaylee said, “Wow, look at that big ‘ole sunflower” (in the deepest, occasionally incomprehensible southern accent you can imagine).  Zoe replies, “it’s’ not old, it’s brand new.  I planted it in my garden.” 

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