Grandpa JOE!

We were at the airport watching through the chain link fence as Grandpa Joe’s airplane touched down yesterday as the sun set.  Zoe was beyond excited all day and wanted to go this morning and wait for him…I encouraged her to wait a bit.  We ran some errands, tidied the house, and had a meeting a church to go to before picking him up. 

So far he has fixed my light, brightened my garage, and adjusted the motion sensors.  Plus we hit up Wild Adventures for a few hours.  Zoe was stoked she finally got to ride the shoe coaster again…twice with Grandpa Joe!  The other highlight was the expansion of her water slide repertoire to include the high up blue slides.  She went down by herself – with PaJoe not far behind.  She actually did great; I might consider letting her do those on her own by the end of the summer.  Dad had a good time watching Avi crawl around in the water, too.  I FINALLY got to ride the wooden coaster, which is awesome!!  The best ride going.  AND Grandpa Joe instantly noticed that the safari train drives a different direction..the expansion meant some changes.  After the safari we happened upon Giraffe feeding time.  Zoe got to feed 4 carrots to a giant giraffe.  The teenage girls before her were so scared and squealy, then tiny little Zuzzer just walks right up to it and feeds it like a pro.  The giraffes head was as big as her!!! 

Tomorrow I have a few more projects for Dad before we pack up….time to dismantle Avi’s crib as he’ll be over a year and surely jump-out-able by the time we return.  Also need to take the futon frame apart and store it in the shed, which needs rearranging.  Avi will sleep on the futon on the floor now.  It’s kind of hard to fathom that I’m pre-preparing for him to be a year old!  I also have some sprinkler issues we need to take care of, camping groceries to buy, packing the car, a few loads of laundry and cleaning the house.  That will probably take all day with the kids crawling all over Grandpa Joe. 

It’s so nice to have another grownup in the house for a couple days.

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