Car Trip!

Made it to Atlanta with Dad and the kids….ended up with a razy detour just after Macon.  The traffic on I-75 was totally stopped so we got off and Dad did a great job nav-ing us around.  Of course soon after we got back on the freeway in Atlanta there was traffic AGAIN. gag.  Oh well.  It worked out.  Avi slept almost the whole way, and then screamed for about 15 minutes as we found the Sube dealer.  We stopped there for my free first oil change and then headed up to IKEA.  Zoe had fun in the Smaland play area while Dad, Avi and I ran through for a few things.  Now we are at the hotel.  This is the highlight for Zoe.  She loves hotels.  Booked a LaQuinta with a pool, too.  So we spent a long while in the pool when we arrived.  Zoe was quite excited about jumping in from the side and playing keep-it-up with some adults who brought a beach ball.  Avi played with Grandpa Joe near the steps, splashed around, and really seemed to enjoy crawling around the edge.  We walked over to the Cracker Barrel for dinner and back for a bath and some cartoons.  Avi is keeping Grandpa Joe busy going back and forth in the room pushing the desk chair.  He did fine in the car sleeping.  Zoe did great in the car…she looked out the window for a good hour and then had some snacks, colored, and played with her dino.  No complaints!   Tomorrow we’ll be in Kentucky camping out!!

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