Poe Valley

Spent a great weekend camping with my folks in Poe Valley.  The kids had fun playing in the dirt, riding in the bike trailer, and spending a day at the sandy beach.  Avi loves messing around in sand.  He crawls and throws the sand as a goes.  Zoe made a little guy friend and spent the time either swimming with him or making sand castles, moats, and burying herself with Grandpa Joe and Nan. 

Back at camp the big event was always marshmallows at the fire in the evening.  During the day Avi LOVED just walking along behind the stroller pushing it…for almost an hour at a time.  We each took turns steering him down the campground road as he’d wander off pushing the stroller.  All the other campers thought he was adorable.  He and I slept in the tent – it was so comfortable and nice out at night.  Friday night there was a huge thunderstorm, too, but he slept and we were snug and warm in the tent.  Zoe slept in the camper with Nan and Grandpa Joe.  She loves the camper and wants to hang out at the campsite alot.  One afternoon we didn’t even leave to do anything because she was so enthralled in her imagination play – one giant boulder was her airplane / boat and she was traveling back to old-times with me and Avi.  We had a lot of fun playing with no agenda.  She really enjoyed walking Teddy (the dog) around the site, too, and along the road or up to the dam.  Her newly acquired tree-climbing skills were also put to good use on the tiny shrub-trees that grew at our campspot. 

We were able to pry her away from the camper one morning for a ride in the kayak – I paddled while she sat on the floor in front of me.  Mom joined us for a loop around the lake.  It was nice, then on the way home we passed Grandpa Joe out for a walk with Avi in the stroller; he loves taking care of Avi.  Holding him, changing him, strollering him, feeding him, playing.  it’s too cute.  For our final morning we took a long bike ride DOWN to penns creek and Poe paddy…then biked back UP.  It was slow going with the trailer.  Dad pedaled for me for a mile or so while I rode his bike.  We got rained on, but it felt good.  This afternoon was spent drying everything out here at the house.  Avi spent the time in the back yard walking his stroller or swinging on the swingset while Zoe played inside or ran around with Teddy.  Looking forward to more camping weekends.

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