Exercise Party

Today it was rainy.  My mom was excited to watch the kids today since she didn’t have to work, so they played alot, did crafts, read books, and a bunch of other fun stuff I don’t know about.  I was taking a shower – a long shower – a shower BY MYSELF.  Awesome.  Then I went to the craft store – BY MYSELF. incredible.  I then spent a few hours sewing – alone!  It was a great day.

Anyway, this afternoon at 3 when I emerged from the sewing room I was invited to an Exercise Party! Mom and Zoe had even made cookies for the special event.  During a break in the rain we all went outside and had our party on the deck.  We were each intsructed (by Zoe) about how it would work.  We each had to do OUR BEST exercise with the hula hoop for everyone to watch….mostly put on a show with the hula.  That was followed with refreshments and then some more hula shows.  It was cute and fun and creative.

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