Delgrosso Day!

The girls had a blast today playing together – Zoe, her cousins Sophia and Bella, plus their friend Ava were all like a little gang running around Delgrosso’s picking out rides and grabbing tickets and making plans for the NEXT ride!  It was a hoot.  They all just really make me remember going to the park when it was called Blands park – with my grandma, sister and our girl cousins.  I remember riding the BIG rides with Kristina and then Grandma got us ice cream. It was so fun, and I’m so glad Zoe and her cousins have the opportunity to make similar memories.

As a bonus, today was WPSU’s Dinosaur Train Family day at the park, so it was fun for Zoe to see dino train themed posters and activities.  She completed a facts scavenger hunt and got a paleontologist ‘kit’ with a magnifying glass, dino erasor, pencil and stickers…plus she got to do a dino dig and take away a little Troodon and a real fossil shark tooth!  The highlight, though, was getting a picture with Buddy.  Then….to the rides!!!

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