Avi the Talker

The Av-ster has been very chatty lately, and expanding his repertoire.  Still lots of squawking and “aaaakkkk”, but he’ll do a lovely chirpy talk after he’s nursed.  Otherwise he is all about saying Mamamama at the top of his lungs, or even  gah gah.  Blem is another word he uses alot.  Just recently, though, I got him to say Dada!!  He’ll even do it when looking or pointing to a picture of Bryan.  The most impressive thing is that Avi will occassionally immitate what I say – if I say “good morning” he will reply with a similar tone or the same number of syllables.  It’s adorable.  He even replies, “ya” when asked questions sometimes.  I’m sure he doesn’t know what he’s saying, but it’s cool to hear him attempt to repeat what we all say.

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