Zoe’s Blue Knob Birthday

It was chilly this weekend!!

We drove up to Blue Knob camping with my parents, and the weather up there is just nuts.  It would be sunny one minute, and then ten degrees cooler and rainy the next.  We all still had fun, though, especially Zoe.  She loves being in the camper and at the campground, so it worked out that there weren’t many other activities at the park.  We did get out for a couple of nice hikes – took the easy family trails for a few miles.  Zoe enjoyed the first….collected leaves and stuff for her pet caterpiller, got a nice flower bouquet, and picked blueberries.  The second hike was more fun for Avi since he got to ride on Nan in the carrier.  Avi also got a fun ride in the bike trailer on one of the trails; Grandpa Joe towed him so I have video of him bumping along over roots and rocks.  He squealed!  Avi also really seemed to enjoy our campsite – it had a big open mowed field where he pushed his stroller for hours.  We’d all watch and when he got a bit far away one of us would go out and push him back in….or go for a walk. 

The big event was, of course, Zoe’s birthday.  She opened her gifts through out the weekend as she wanted to play with each as she got them.   Nan and Zoe baked a cake in the camper oven and iced it.  Zoe loved putting on all the sprinkles and fresh raspberries….she shaped the berries into a stick figure of herself.  The weekend seemed to be all about her.  At one of the evening programs we met another family with 2 boys and 2 puppys who then came over to play for a bit.  They all got along quite well, and were a flurry of activity going between Zoe’s new playmobils, the boys camper, the puppys, and the play area.

Avi and I slept out in the tent again.  Nights were chilly, windy, and rainy, but we were warm and snug.  He seemed to sleep pretty well.  I think the fresh air did him good; he had a snot nose last week that has cleared up.  Zoe again slept in the camper with Nan and Grandpa Joe.  This time Dad hopped up on the bunk after a bit…I guess Zoe takes up more room than seems possible from a 4 year old…..wow!! she’s 4!!!

When we returned to civilization Zoe got her message from Daddy and calls from Aunt Bethany and Uncle Tyler.  Then, just as we were heading out Bryan called again!!  It was so nice to get to talk to him after being up at Blue Knob with no cell reception.   We chatted the whole way over the mountain to Grams house.  Gram had some cake for us, too.  Seems we’ve been eating alot of that lately.  It’s birthday season.

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