Summer in PA

Swimming and playing outside…thats all we’ve been doing the last few days…. Zoe has swim lessons in the morning all this week and last.  Afterward we come back to the house and play outside for a long time.  I’ll weed a bit in the garden, or we’ll go on a walk.  Avi loves pushing the stroller around the yard or sitting in it for walks past Mocha the neighbor cat or down to the park for a romp in the sandbox.  So nice to be able to walk to a park – and onto the bike trail system down to the Millbrook marsh boardwalks.

We’ve also been in the pool almost every afternoon the last few weeks, and even at night when the fireflies are blinking.  Zoe has gotten quite good at jumping off the diving board and swimming across the pool.  She and Dad will play ‘T-Rex’ for a long time.  This game consists of Zoe trying to float on the pink pool float and Dad knocking her off with a growl….she’ll then try to escape to the ladder and just squeal and squeal.  It’s fairly hysterical.  Avi has been in the pool a bunch, too, though I tend to go in with Zuzz when he is napping – it’s easier.  He likes to kick like a little frog or hang out on the steps.

On rainy or chilly days we hit up the Schlow Library.  Zoe is enrolled in the summer reading program, so we log her books and then she gets tickets to enter into prize drawings.  It’s quite fun and the library is just great.  Their book selection is awesome and the play area is fun for both her and Avi.  He likes the train table and she likes the dino table.  Otherwise, it’s crafts here at Nan and Grandpa Joe’s house and playing in the playroom.

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