Avi’s First Year – 10 months

This was a big month for Avi!!  We went on a big car trip with Grandpa Joe up to PA, got to camp out in Kentucky, and camped twice in PA state parks.  He likes to be outside – especially to walk and push the stroller or the wagon.  He has walked on his own about 10 times, but doesn’t seem to do it without alot of encouragement.  He is still so fast on all fours! 

Avi has also started to get into sitting play.  He loves to clap and tries to ‘roll it’ with his hands.  He is also interested in books, as long as they have some kind of touch aspect to them.  Pat the Bunny is a fave as is the Touch and Feel Wild Animals and Home books.  He will stick his hands through spaces in the book and just squeal laughing when I grab them.  He still doesn’t like to sit in a high chair – any high chair.  I have to give him a piece of food to occupy him while I stick him in, then strap him down quickly.  He tries to crawl out and likes to look over his left shoulder especially.  Food wise, he is done with soft baby food.  This was the last month I made any, and he just wasn’t interested in the last half of that batch.  Only in the evenings will he let me feed him with a spoon, otherwise, he really wants to feed himself.  Bread and crackers are favorites.  He also likes carrots, sweet potato, squash, and has enjoyed green beans, peas, and chickpeas randomly.  He’s at that fun age where I just let him try it and see how he does.  He got his second tooth this month, so that means he can bite off pieces so I really have to watch him with some foods.

On the sleeping front, Avi is simply still in charge.  All the travel we’ve done this spring has prevented me from forcing him to sleep through the night.  Here at my parents house he is in a crib.  I will nurse him to sleep (trying not to, but its just so easy) and then move him over to the crib.  At some point in the night he’ll wake and I’ll lay him in bed with me to nurse.  When he sleeps again – it doesn’t take long – I plop him back in the crib (most of the time).  In the wee hours of the morning he will start to fuss around again so I’ll nurse him in bed again which encourages him to go back to sleep until a normal hour….usually around 7:30 or 8am. 

Avi is such happy little guy.  He loves to play with wheeled things, open and close stuff, and pushing.  He simply LOVES walking around pushing things – toys, chairs, ME, stools, anything that will move.  The last half of this month he has gotten a bit clingy.  If I’m nearby he seems to want me to be holding or playing with him, but he gets over that (so I”m told) when I’m out of sight.  He still nurses way too many times during the day….working on that by having him away from me a bit when he’s sleepy since that is a catalyst.  When he wants to nurse, though, he has started to bite me.  He will just lunge at me wherever he can with a big open mouth and bite and it HURTS – his two little teeth are sharp.  naughty and sneeky – he is a fan of sneaking up the stairs all the time.  We really have to keep our eyes on this kiddo as he gets into everything.

Avi is a snuggle bug and will give anyone he likes a big snuggley hug in the neck and then a few kicks with his feet.  He is such a joy to be around and makes such happy little sounds.  This month was a landmark with noises…so many new sounds, Ga ga, Muuuuumm, Blah, chirpy chirp, and sometimes stuff that sounds like “yeah” or rhymes with a real word.  Too cute, though, is his ‘Da Da Daddy” sound when he pats Bryans picture.

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