Zoe Eloped!!!

On the way home from Walk Fest yesterday, Zoe said she missed Christian….we all asked who this was and she said, “we got married!”  Then she described the event with lots of other kids, her true love Christian, and the flowers that some other kid knocked from her hand because he was rolling down a hill.  We asked why they got married and she said, “because I love him”, so at least she gets the concept!  I asked her if he called and asked Daddy and she said, “no”. After I explained the tradition, she seemed to think Bryan would approve of Christian and the Christian would call right away.  Apparently the romance blossomed over a few hours at a 4th of July party she went to with Sue and Dave on Saturday.  Sounds like the two of them were two peas in a pod and had a great time!  Zoe told us all about Christian, too.  “He is 4 and has a blue shirt and blue pants and black shoes”.  He must be a nice young man to sweep my independent daughter off her feet so quickly!  =)

Zoe spent the weekend with Bryan’s family.  On Friday she and I went to water aerobics with Grandma Effie.  It was fun!  Zoe got in the water 3 times, but it was chilly so she mostly played on the bleachers and fixed the broken tiles along the edge of the pool.  Afterward we all went to Wendys with Avi and my mom.  Effie taught Zoe the joys of a vanilla frosty!  Zoe’s next adventure was going to Grandma Pat’s house for a few hours.   She was very excited to play with Lola and was completely engrossed in playing with Sue’s childhood dolls when I left.  From there mom , Avi and I headed out to look at some real estate while Zoe stayed with Grandma.

After work, Sue picked Zoe up from Pat’s house and took her up to their place.  Zoe was so jazzed that she got to have a sleepover at Nana and Pappy’s house, “without you”  (me).  Well TWO sleepovers really.  On Saturday they attended the 4th of July party’s and then stayed in the camper up on the land.  The morning I dropped her off I told her the plan and her reaction to a second BONUS night in the CAMPER was simply to shiver with thrill and make a snuffley noise.  Of course, since she came back MARRIED I may need to rethink any more sleepovers with Nana and Pappy….just kidding =)

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