Freedom Fest

Well, Avi isn’t scared of fireworks.  A bit nervous and clingy, but as close as we were who can blame him!  We sat close enough to the State College Freedom Fest fireworks display to see the ground show and feel the explosions in our chest and bask in the waft of smoke. 

Went up to the festivities in the late afternoon, and had a great time.  There are lots of free kid things – Zoe enjoyed the crafts and the animal demonstrations by shavers creek.  She also got to ride 3 overpriced rides and suck down a lemonaide. It was crowded, but not too bad.  There were ample free hotdogs!

Our wanderings landed us at the Spikes field which advertised “family fun” and was merely their regular bouncy castle area being open.  The dissappointment, however, didn’t last long as we realized that just past the outfield bar was a grassy knoll with a stellar view.  Mom parked the blanket – claimed our spot – and played with Avi for a bit while Zoe took a round in the bouncies.   Zoe then enjoyed playing with some other kids rolling down the hill until some unaware party poopers took that spot.  She pitched a royal fit when just before the fireworks I told her to join us on our blanket.  It dissipated after the show started, and what a show it was!  Incredible.  So many fireworks and wierd swirly kinds and sparkly showers.  Just amazing.  Avi got nervous and clung to me at the beginning, but I had Zoe on my lap who was needing some cuddle time after her meltdown.  So, mom took Avi and stood near the fence with him for the show.  He watched!  Who couldn’t?  The finale was seriously like an apocalyptical scene – especially from our proximity.

We walked back home and had to go the ‘long’ way around…via Benner Pike and then Puddintown rd and along the Marsh to the bike trail.  But, it was a nice night for it.  The fireflies were incredible.  Like nothing I’ve seen….just flickering in the trees light electricity.  Both kiddo’s fell asleep.  Zoe in the wagon Dad pulled and Avi in the stroller.  Happy Independence Day!

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