My Flowers!

Today I got flowers delivered!  They are gorgeous – sunflowers and roses….perfect for my birthday!  Thank you Bryan!!!  You are the best husband. 

It was a fun birthday, at that.  Spent the morning putzing around while Zoe and Nan ran errands.  Avi and Grandpa Joe cooled off in the little turtle sprinkler my folks have from my childhood.  He played with the water and then decided it made a better water fountain and started to drink it.  Funny boy. 

Then it was lunch at Kimchi, the Korean restaurant.  Oh, so good!!  made me miss that little penninsula.  Came home and opened some nice gifts from my folks and Zoe’s homemade card – she wrote both ‘mommy’ and ‘zoe’ on it!  Our next adventure was super fun. Dad dropped Zoe and I off at spring creek park where we put our blow up raft into the creek and paddled the way around to my parents neighborhood.  It was a blast!  It was a bit shallow at the beginning, but flowed quite well after Slab Cabin Run joined in.  The adventure of it all was just so exciting for Zoe….seemed like we were explorers far from home even though we could hear the freeway.  She even commented once on how silent and peaceful it felt.  The adventure got really fun when we had to portage twice around some fallen trees with a lot of built up debris.  Zoe just took it in stride – it fills me with joy to see her so comfortable outside!  We had snacks and talked for the 2 hour tour and then carried the dingy around the block to my folks house where I was greeted with my surprise flowers!!!  Dad also gave me a crying and hungry little Avi.  I guess he didn’t nap as planned…he needed me to feed him first and fell right to sleep.

We took advantage of the baby-free time for a dip in the pool and water gun fight before dinner and some cake.  yummy – angle food with 7 minute frosting.  my favorite!  I now know what 33 feels like…not bad!

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