NYC – Last day, Lost again, and Bussing Home

Monday was our last day in New York City and we decided to take it easy. Avi was up early and then down for a nap right when Zoe woke, so she and I played for a long time while he slept.  She has had a lot of fun here at Tyler’s.  This morning we had a ‘party’ in his bathroom and then she played Dino Train games online at his big computer.  After lunch both kids fell asleep for another nap!  We’ve been staying out too late.

Bethany is now on summer break, so she flew into Newark today!  The kids and I took the train into Manhattan to meet her airport bus.  We then decided to just go back to Tylers and hang out for the evening until our megabus back to PA.  Well, I accidentally got us on the wrong train….correct platform, correct direction, bus wrong train.  The Q, N, and R trains all go from Manhattan to Queens from the same platform at Times Square.  We needed the Q or N, but the R showed up and we didn’t notice since it was so crowded and we were more concerned with getting the kids and Bethanys suitcases onto the train.  OOPS.  I figured it out after we should’ve surfaced and by then we were well into Queens.  So we hopped off and realized it would be long to go all the way back and switch trains.  Amazingly it wasn’t too long of a walk.  We stopped at Baskin Robbins on the way for some ice cream which made it bearable.  The city was super hot and humid today.  Back in Tylers apartment we cranked the AC and chilled out until Tyler got off work. 

For dinner we all went out for Mexican food.  It was fun to be hanging out with just us siblings for once…that never happens. All the Walk kids and grandkids walking around in New York out for dinner.  Truly was a moment.  Tyler pushed the stroller with Avi (who fell asleep again) and Zoe walked with Aunt Bethany.  When dinner was over we gathered our things and rode the train back to the city and walked three blocks to the megabus stop.  We were booked on the 1115pm bus to arrive at 4am in State College.  To our surprise there was quite a line for our bus, but everyone fit on fine.  Bethany held Avi which ensured no one would try to sit by her.  Zoe and I sat in the seat behind her and said goodbye to New York City.  Zoe promptly fell asleep, but Avi didn’t have an easy time of it.  He nursed and woke and nursed and wok so I didn’t get much sleep either.  After the rest stop, though, we moved a sleeping Zoe up to the seat beside Bethany so I was able to lay down a bit better with Avi.  We all slept pretty OK for the last couple hours.

Arriving in State College, the bus just pulled over and dumped out our stuff.  Mom and Dad had dropped the car in the parking lot earlier so we just loaded up and headed home.  Felt good to finally crash my head on a pillow, but Avi still was restless.  He finally slept and I lowered him into the crib as the morning birds began chirping. 

Needless to say we slept in (until 10am) Tuesday morning…. and then resisted taking a nap to get us off our “late nights in New York” schedule.  What a fun trip!  Thank you Tyler!!

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