He walks…he eats…he laughs all the time!

Yep, Avi is doing great learning to walk.  He can now fairly consistently walk about 3 steps before plopping, but we’ve seen him do about 8 in a row.  We’ve also witnessed him stand up from sitting without pulling up!  Trouble is trying to get it on video.  He seems to show off his skill when my camera is not around, and then won’t repeat the fete!

Avi has also popped out a new tooth!  I noticed a wierd little white lump and tons of drooling on Monday.  Today, it is completely broken out of his gums.  It’s the top right tooth, and right beside it is another little suspicious lump.  I think that one will come through in the next few days.

He has also greatly improved his eating skills from just a couple weeks ago.  He is no longer gagging on stuff, but is instead trying to chew and gum things.  His favorites are saltines, green beans, carrots (which he will pick out of a mixture), and blueberries!!! The blueberries he goes NUTS over when he sees them.

Avi’s other new hobby is dancing.  This little boy will bounce along with almost any tune…backround TV noise, the radio, a marching band, he LOVED the drum circle and mariachi music on the NYC subway.  And he especially loves to watch his sister play instruments. Just squeals and dances and wags his head back and forth.  Too cute.!

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